Incoming Goods Inspection Procedures

Yantai Rayshine Trading Co., Ltd has a really solid, effective quality assurance policy during the whole mass production procedure. But we all agreed the incoming inspection is the most important first step.

The quality of purchased raw materials is very important to the quality of the final products. In Yantai Rayshine, we insist on controlling the quality from the very beginning. We valued each of our suppliers carefully and statement our quality request clearly by formal official documents. We believe the purchasing process is where we put controls in place to make sure that our suppliers provide us with quality products and services. At the same time, we also set acceptance criteria. It is performed by quality assurance personnel in the manufacturing facility to resolve quality issues during pre-production.

  We believe, a strict incoming inspection will help avoid poor quality final products from hurting our business. At least, avoid the time and cost for re-mass production and customer claim. In fact, high-quality raw materials could reduce the work time of workers. It is also kind of save money.

Received products are then moved to the designated inspection area. The goods shall first be verified against the purchase order and packing slip and then examined visually for any signs of damage. On critical parts and components, as determined by the Quality Manager, precision inspection(s) and test(s) shall be performed. 

  Now let me show you our full system for the incoming inspection.

An incoming inspection checklist is used by quality assurance personnel to validate the quality of purchased raw materials based on set acceptance criteria. This incoming inspection checklist has been designed to make it easier for quality inspectors to determine inspection results and required actions based on the identification tagging system. Use this mobile-ready checklist to easily perform the following:

  1.When receiving products come with certain certifications or standards already met for the product. These come with a Certificate of Analysis or other evidence that control is exercised at the supplier’s location. In this case, our inspection may be checking for a Certificate. Incoming inspection can be as simple as reviewing the packing slips and verifying that the correct item and quantity are received. ensure there is no damage or other nonconformities such as damaged packaging or signs of tampering. If all of these checks and inspections are satisfactory, the receiving personnel will sign the delivery receipt. If there is anything unacceptable, any and all shortages or damages are noted on the delivery slips. 

2.When receiving parts or components, which is responsible for inspecting.

The important considerations are as follows:

  1. Specify the purchase order number, material description, and quantity
  2. Requirements (checklists, approved samples for comparison, examples of common defects…)
  3. Capture and store unlimited photos of defects or tagged materials
  4. Operation follow the quality acceptance criteria, step by step.
  5. Finish the inspection report and make sure this report could be traced at least in one year.
  6. Assign actions for accepted, conditionally accepted, or rejected materials
  7. Complete the incoming inspection with digital signatures
  8. Drive improvement in the supplier base, if needed

Our tagging system when an item is tagged as accepted, conditionally accepted, or rejected.

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