How Long Could I Develop A New Mould?

Many of the anglers want to use a lure which 100% designed by himself. Is it possible? Of cause, our R&D team makes your dream baits work. But how to make a new mould? And how long could develop a new mould? What need us invest befor the dream bait work?

We have 3 options for you to develop a new mould, details please read the below pages.

After we decide the ways to cooperate, below is the steps and time table for a new mould.

For example:

Step 1, Send us the original samples, 2pcs / model.

Step 2,Tell us your request. Maybe we need 3-10 days to discuss the request.

Example: 100% copy of the original one.

           Or Change the length and weight…

Or change the surface drawing…

Or Change the shape of eyes, head, lip, tail…..

In short, any ideas you could feel free to let us know and we will evaluate and response to you in time. If every request is no problem, we will make 3D drawings for your confirmation. Our drawing time is around 10 days.

And the lure on photo , customer want a shorter version, 65mm. And need the weight must be more than 5.5g because of the casting request.

After everything clear we will begin to make the 3d drawings. this step may cost 2 weeks.

And also the inside structure.

After you confirm the drawing, we will make 3d samples for the action test. This step may cost 14 days.

This step maybe repeat many times, example, we make 3 times for this new 65mm pencile lure to adjust its weight, action, cast and so on. So you could see, to a professional manufacture, develop a new worked dream lure need cost time and investment.

After test we will send the 3d samples to you for your confirmation. If you accept the action, the final mould will begin. Make a final mould need to cost 35 days.

We we test the mould and double check all the details before use the mould to produce mass production blanks.

This step may cost 5-15 days.

If every point is right quality for mass production, we will begin to arrange the related mass production mould. Example: ultro sonic mould, painting mould, foil mould and so on.

In order to save time, we generally ask the order request before the final mould finished. Such as color, hook, packing design and so on. Because we could order hook and painting mould , foil mould in ahead. So no need to wait during mass production.
We also could make color samples for the confirmation by the blanks when make mould testing.

If you have any other questions about to make a lure designer by yourself, just feel free to ask me.

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