Why Could Buy A Plastic Hard Lure From China With Less Than 1 USD?

Could you believe a lure with good action and quality be so cheap? Could you image what will happen when you fishing with these kinds of lures? What is your first idea when you see this picture on internet?

To tell you the truth, at the first time I saw this page, in my opinion, I feel I lost 100,0000USD. I must cheated by my supplier. Or, why my lure need to cost 2-5 times of those ones which seems similar as mine?! What is more, my price mean bulk price with a high moq request, such as 300pcs per color and 3000pcs per model. But their price is a retail price! So I go back to the meeting room and discuss with our managers: purchase department, mass production department, QC department, R&D department and tooling department!
After meeting and double check carefully, I find we really done our utmost to reduce the cost and lower the price. We are sure the items we produced is characterized by its high quality, and is also easy to learn and easy to operate.
Today I also want to share what I find out with you.
At the very beginning, let me explain what need to be cost when make a lure.
Step 1, mould development.
Develop a new mould need cost money and time. Below is a workflow to help you what we invest during the new model development.

You could see, during this time we need a good engineer , salary of the engineer in this level at least need 2000usd/ month. All the cost should be share in the price of the product, right? But we must agree, a good designer could bring high technolog and attention to details, they are not only copy they also create different and most importantly intention behind them! All these may make more anglers smile.

Step 2, mass production.

First let me show you a simple workflow of mass production.

From this picture you could see, making one lure we need use raw materials, workers, tooling, machines and management and control systems.

Cost of every kind of raw material have difference, high quality or low quality, Import one or recycle one!

Do you know how many raw materials one lure could use? Including but not limited:













Stainless steel

Tool steel,

Alloy steel




Mild steel




All these raw material you could choose different price and quality level. I could point out many examples, such as you want Abs from Japan or Korea or Taiwan or recycle? You want foil paper from Japan or America or China? You want the paint from Japan or ….? You want your hooks from Japan, owner, France, VMC, China, BKK or….? What is the thickness you want your packing PET box be? Which kind of packing card you want? Even a sticker on the package maybe have different quality request!

workers, also have different levels, you want your lure make by a professional skilled worker or by more than100 kinds of others?

If one lure make by skilled professional workers, you want him make carefully regards the lure as an art craft or finish in short to time to earn more money? All these difference will cause the final different of a lure, and all these difference also based on the different salary levels.

Many procedure need tooling, a high quality tooling need high price but may easy to make high quality lures. Instead, if choose a lower quality tooling may save money but also may produce a lower quality lure. Machine the same.

About management and control systems is a bit complex to explain. Take an easy example, you want the lure checked one by one before reach your hand or you prefer it reach to you directly without any QC?  We take product quality seriously for our clients! For inspection, we always check higher percentage than 3rd party. But the Qc person is a cost during mass production, he will not produce lure but his salary need to be share on a lure. This kind of person in a high management company also includes purchase department, stock department, R&D department, Sales department, Transport department, Account department Office department and so on.

At last I also want to explain although a lot of the Japanese Brands of lures are made in China, same workers salary and 90% similar raw materials, why price of their lures are morn than 30 times than us?
It is also very easy to understand, they have many cost on their brand, advertisement , retail channel cost,

example our Chinese famous wine, maotai, as below picture,
Market price 2500RMB/bottle,
EXW price 969 RMB/bottle,
Do you know what is it real cost?
156RMB/bottle! Details as bellows:
Raw material 38.32 RMB/bottle,
Workers salary 46.74 RMB/bottle,
Cost during mass production such as waste of raw material, water and power charge, management charge and so on 22.52 RMB/bottle,
Boil charge 2.12 RMB/bottle,
Transport charge 2.02 RMB/bottle,
Advertisement charge 30.88 RMB/bottle,
Brand charge 14.18 RMB/bottle,
So you could see, if choose a big brand products, how much money you pay to the profit of the suppliers! The raw material is almost same as the high quality supplier but without their own famous brands.
There are 3 kinds of products in the world.
1, Very cheap ones, you even could not believe your eyes! Because the price lower than the cost.
2,Our products, have all the features a serious angler need but only 10% price compared with the Japanese famous brands! I strongly recommended to you.
3,Famous brands products which maybe could not bring you a high profit because the brands owner keeps them.
There is too much useless low quality branded stuff. They copy directly, even no need an engineer, no design, no create, no improve even no test. Maybe you have already received samples of this kind, you give it to your clients too. They throw it away, just like you do. They don’t appreciate it, they don’t feel anything, they even think test and double check these items is a waste of time.
Now, image, instead of those cheap ones , you receive a piece of sample which look like a modern art. You’d be thrilled, amazed, excited. Contact me to get a free sample today! We make our customers feel joy with our products!
Why not call us today?
Why not to raise your products quality and profit from today?!

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